Clearfield Professional Group was founded in 1980s by Drs. Johnson, Shickling, Corcino, and Cavella.  We serve the Clearfield Area both in the office and at the Clearfield Hospital.  Internal Medicine specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of problems adults encounter from the simple to the very complex.


Office Hours – by appointment 8AM – 5PM Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Parking – For your convenience, a parking lot is located at the rear and the side of our building.  Handicapped  access is available at three of our entrances.

Cancellations – If you are unable  to keep an appointment, we ask that you notify us, preferably at least 24 hours in advance.

Upon Arrival – Check in with the receptionist.  Tell her if there are any changes in your name, address, telephone number or insurance information.

Prescription Refills – Please bring all of your prescription bottles to all appointments.  Most refills can be called in for you to your pharmacy except for controlled substance prescriptions which must be picked up in person, as we are not permitted to call in or fax in refills for these prescriptions.

Test Results – We will call you if a lab test or study is abnormal and requires action.  If you haven’t received a call with results, you may call the office and we will give them to you.  For most commonly ordered blood work and imaging studies, the results are returned to us within two days.  Other less commonly ordered tests, i.e. “send out” labs, may take a week to be returned.  Stress test results are generally available within a week.

Emergencies – For serious emergencies, call 911 for ambulance service to your nearest Emergency Room where equipment and staffing are available 24 hours a day.

Telephone Calls – We will answer questions by phone if we can, however physicians are strongly discouraged from giving medical advice on new problems without first examining you.

Payment of Services Payment of services is requested at the time of service.  We are required by insurance contract to collect co-pays at the time of service.

Insurance Claims – A complete receipt will be given to you when you check out.  It contains all of the information you need to file your claim.  Just attach the receipt to the claim form and send it to your insurance company.  For major medical claims, save the receipts to file your claim at the end of the year.  Since we are a participating Medicare practice, we will bill Medicare directly.  The yearly deductible and the 20% co-payment will be billed to the secondary insurance if it is a covered service.  Any deductible or co-payment not covered or any balance due will then be billed to the patient.  If you think a billing error may have occurred, please call our billing department (814) 765-1448.